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At Kuro sustainability is very important, therefore we are aiming to reduce, reuse and recycle the glassware. We demonstrate how you could reuse your glassware such as plant pots, organisers and other types of home decor.


Packaging is recyclable.



  • How long is the burn time?
    Kuro candles burn time last up to 40+ hours. To maximise burn time please trim wick before each use and allow your candle to create a pool to the edge of the glassware.
  • What wax does Kuro use?
    Paraffin wax. Our paraffin wax is a clean white wax, it has excellent fragrance retention when using quality fragrances. Cruelty Free & Vegan paraffin wax.
  • Where is Kuro Candles made?
    Kuro Candles are hand poured in London (UK).
  • My candle is burning high how do I resolve this?
    Centre wick and trim 1/4 inch before lighting. Triming your wick is very important because you're disposing the burnt wick from the pervious use.
  • How long does pre orders take to deliver?
    Due to high volume of orders and manufacture lead time, All orders will ship Mid April. For any changes with delivery time an email will be sent with an updated date.
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